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Meet Hip Hop Recording Artist "JERUSALEM / SCARFELLA MUSIC" from Schenectady, NY

SCARFELLA MUSIC recording artist JERUSALEM is a 13 yr old emcee but when it comes to lyrics he's a veteran having recorded and released his first single and EP when he was only 7 years old both entitled "It's Raining". With a lot of performing and radio interviews the artist was developed by SCARFELLA MUSIC. Watching his growth, he dropped the mix EP "NO DAYS OFF" and then a year later dropping the mix EP entitled "MUSIC IS MY BEST FRIEND" showcasing more of his lyrical growth.

Fast forward to 2017, the label released his newest single entitled "CHAMPION", a hard hitting beat laced with the classic theme from ROCKY was just the right formula to get the social media site buzzing! As of now, JERUSALEM is working on his follow up mix EP entitled "IT'S STILL RAINING", a six song gem showcasing the young artist lyrical ability along with first class production with some of the labels up and coming. Preparing for the 2018 year, this young artist is one to watch..



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