Now Accepting New Artist Submissions for ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. All Genres Encouraged to Submit!

Over tha Summer, ThaWilsonBlock made a transition from Pasadena, CA to Seattle, WA. It's been somewhat of a rocky road, but we've managed to find our footing. We are aggressively expanding our network of artists by offering free promotion on our blog through exclusive interviews, general article write ups, and most of all, the craft!

We are looking for artists of all genres from all corners of the globe! Getting featured on our blog is free, but if you want to show your support, you can purchase digital copies of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine here

By submitting a profile to ThaWilsonBlock:
  • You'll be eligible to feature on WilsonBlock100 Charts
  • Your content will be syndicated on multiple blogs and social media channels
  • Your content will be featured in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine (released on tha 10th of every month)
  • Your link permanently on homepage of our website
A fundamental way of reaching new audiences and potential fans is by simply introducing yourself as tha artist you are. ThaWilsonBlock specializes in helping artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs share their story in hopes of inspiring others. Be a part of a positive, growing movement!

Join ThaWilsonBlock movement today by filling out tha form below. 

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