Tacoma, WA Artist Kev King Cold talks Local Music, Influences, and How He Got Started as an Artist

"I’ve been told I was a B-boy since I was able to walk and always gravitated toward music, my environment was full of hip hop and R&B. I started writing poetry in about 5th grade and that turned into rapping when I discovered my Dads CD/cassette collection" -Kev King Cold

Mistah Wilson: Yo Kev King Cold, what's good wit it! Glad to have you here with us for this exclusive interview w/ ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. How ya been? 
Kev King Cold: Man I’ve been busy and blessed! Doing shows making amazing music and raising a beautiful daughter. I just gotta say I appreciate you having me it’s an honor and a privilege to be part of the movement your building up brother for real.

Mistah Wilson: Can you give us a quick background on yourself?
Kev King Cold: Yea I was born and raised in North Omaha Nebraska and in 03 my family moved to University Place,WA where I was exposed to the Pacific Northwest and all of the people and food and vibes. Went to Curtis Jr high and high school and lived in different parts of Tacoma after that for some years. Now I have a family of my own and set up shop in West Seattle working on connecting the two territories.

Mistah Wilson: How did you get started as an artist?
Kev King Cold: It’s kind of funny actually I’ve been told I was a B-boy since I was able to walk and always gravitated toward music, my environment was full of hip hop and R&B. I started writing 
poetry in about 5th grade and that turned into rapping when I discovered my Dads CD/cassette collection, which was a musical goldmine full of The Roots, Leaders of The New School, KRS 1, Flipmode Squad, The Isley Brothers, Prince, Nas, Cube, Parliament and a lot more. I was already rhyming when I moved here and a group of friends and I formed a rap group in jr high through high school, we made a lot of noise, did a few shows and got play on KEXP but it didn’t last long. Now I’m using the knowledge I soaked up to flourish as a solo act.

Mistah Wilson: Who were some key music influences you looked up to coming up?
Kev King Cold: Oh man I was and still am a huge fan of Black Thought from The Legendary Roots Crew! I used to put on little concerts in my bedroom reciting Roots albums like they were my joints hahaha. Nas, of course, It Was Written literally charged up my writing and fascination with storytelling. Lupe Fiasco is a big one Food and Liquor changed my life and The Cool cracked my head open. Mos Def. I would like to one day get into acting as well as the rhyme and really get my Mos on. Kanye West also every time he drops an album it seems to relate to that wave I’m on in my life at that time its crazy. Plus the production and engineering on his projects are always very solid and creative.

Mistah Wilson: Who some artists you've worked with and would like to work with?
Kev King Cold: I’ve worked with Kevin Johnson also known as AKA(A King Also) on his album Infamously Unpopular on this joint called Jackson Polluck go check that out its dope. I’ve got some music coming with up and comer D-Hustle and also Caleb Jermain out in Tacoma. Im developing myself and a collective called Truentsea out in Seattle its 5 of probably the dopest new artist in the Seattle region so keep an eye out for that we’re making a strong come up the collective is myself, Langston Doobs, Niq Venus, Chez Tha Challenger, and Clutch Reflex. I’d like to work with guys like Dave B and Huey P I like they’re style I feel like we would make some fire tracks.

Mistah Wilson: Where do you draw inspiration from when creating anew?
Kev King Cold: I used to focus mainly on killing the shit out of the beat when I was younger and that was pretty much it but now I focus on just making good songs, good production and engineering that will last longer than one season, especially these days where people have the attention span of a pigeon. I tap into my inner self and just focus on making everything timeless so my daughter can pick up some of my old stuff one day and say “your shit was dope pops”. I believe that I will influence generations after me so I try to make works that will withstand time and trends.

Mistah Wilson: From your perspective, what major differences are there between tha local music scene in Tacoma and Seattle?
Kev King Cold: From my experience I have to beat people in the head to get them to take me
seriously not physically but repetitive efforts to show and prove that I have value and I’m not joking around in both cities. In Tacoma you could have a great sound but not be taken seriously if your not in the fold with such and such person or persons that everyone runs to for the look. This forces the lone wolf mentality on new artist down there. Seattle is very similar but the scene is more developed like if you come with your shit straight you can bypass some of the new kid in school stuff because there are others willing to work and grind with you and build from scratch if need be because of the resources there. But that is just my experience and opinion.

Mistah Wilson: How important is giving back to tha community for you?
Kev King Cold: I think that giving back is the end game to this journey. When I am at the point that I can look back on years of work and music I would like to also see that I made a difference in peoples lives weather it be charity shows or inspiration to do good for and to others. I recently did a charity show and raised some money for Puerto Rico and I am now looking at aiming that same effort to other causes locally and in different regions of the US.

Mistah Wilson: Where can people keep up with you online?
Kev King Cold: Yes sir you can find me
@kevkingcold on instagram and twitter
@kevkingcold253 on snapchat,
Kev King Cold on Spotify, iTunes, and band camp https://kevkingcold.bandcamp.com/music
I have an artist page where you can keep up with shows news and music that links all the social media together at http://artistecard.com/KevKingCold

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Kev King Cold thanks for coming thru for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. I know you got some shout outs, man go ahead and drop em ..
Kev King Cold: Thank you thank you my friend. Its been a pleasure! Shout out to Shane’a and Marlie I love you guys. Shout out to my producer/engineer Rob Nollan Music, the Truentsea collective, the Tacoma Music Collective, the Tacoma Artist Collective, Caleb Jermain, Derek Huskey, Payton Spencer, Haiku, Devonte Hentley, my whole fam back home in the O, and all my listeners and followers worldwide. Peace and love.

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