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Bing Bing Announces New Project: "UhBuDuya" mixtape

The man commonly known for bringing artists together on local music scenes is preparing to release a new mixtape! On August 20th, 2016, Bing Bing released tha Beautiful Struggle mixtape with only 9 cuts. Because Bing feels like he fell short on delivering a quality project with Beautiful Struggle mixtape, his plan is to clean it up with a deep and conceptual mixtape about his maturity as a man and growth as an artist.

On January 19th, 2018, Bing Bing's 28th birthday, he is formally releasing tha UhBuDuya mixtape! The meaning behind "UhBuDuya" is a "slang" way of saying "Uh, but do you feel me, tho?" When asked about the title of his mixtape, Bing Bing responds, " Ya' feel me? Uh, but do ya feel me, tho?" Hence, tha UhBuDuya mixtape. According to Bing Bing, this project will have a 'beautiful struggle' type feel. Meaning that the project will come with pain, struggle, and soulful sounds to convey the deep messages that Bing Bing is known for. 

Stay tuned for the formal release of Bing Bing's 1st single off the upcoming mixtape. 



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