POEM: Awake The Hip Hop Disciples by Kipkirui Mitey (2016)

Where art thou hip hop chosen ones 

I went around corners of the globe can't see you 
Arise, shine and give us more music 
The base you set was classic 

Pac could say 'we still breathing' 
I wonders what this is meaning 
Perhaps you hiding somewhere 
but fans misses you everywhere 
Because you vanished without goodbye 

Breath in silence those words of encouragement 
Chant with the jubilant disciples 
The Big Punisher you quite on your sleep 
But your lyrics still run deep 
into the vein of diehards 
Biggy Smalls do you hear me? 
I know you still the Big Poppa over there 
For your lines didn't spare 
unruly, malicious criticism 
Sometimes your performance hypnotize me 

How can I forget the great Nate Dogg? 
The maestro whose golden voice 
Could awake the sleeping dog 
With that in mind 'I better lay low'' 
His legacy I ought to follow 

Guru ' The Gangstarr' you smile when I mention you 
Keep your head out of your mouth 
Whilst the hero spits out 
in his eternal sleep between the clouds 

Leaving out left eye and Easy B counts this piece incomplete 
'cause the relevant contribution still rocks 
Airwaves furious without your voice 
Fans at the downtown blocks 
considers your presence a necessary vice 

Poem courtesy of Poetry Soup

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