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Paco Swartz & Tommy Bunnz "Wake Up" music video sure to inspire!

Paco Swartz and Tommy Bunnz are respected not just for who they are, but for what they do. Tha two artists came together for a grand Teddy Pendergrass remix called "Wake Up" that is sure to inspire artists and fans alike.

"I've seen cocaine in a diaper bag, and young men turn to bangin' just like their dad," says Paco Swartz in tha opening line of tha song. Tommy Bunnz directs a masterpiece that should reach every aspiring artist out there. This song is good for those growing up in tha inner-city as it brings awareness to tha harsh realities of life that many of us are subjected to. "It makes me sad to see a sister high off tha glass, or $20 to ya name, tryna make it last." Tha music video sets a great example of two artists having love & respect for each other.



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