Mistah Wilson reviews "Whoa Is Me" song by Grieves

"Whoa Is Me" by Grieves is a dope track! I heard it over at a friend's house and it immediately caught my ear! Although this song was released only 2 years ago, it reminded me that there are countless dope tracks out there already released. Tha pool of independent music has risen significantly, and it has made it a bit more challenging to find what you're looking for.

"Whoa Is Me" off of Grieves album Winter & The Wolves compliments the image of Seattle's lovely music scene. You know that feeling you get when you hear artists like Macklemore, Scribes, Grynch, Gabriel Teodros, and others. These artists all have a way of connecting with people through their music. Grieves is no exception. Since hearing this track, it has pulled me away from listening to my own mixtape as well as the beats I've been writing songs to lately.

True Hip Hop fans can definitely relate to this track. From the melodic piano to tha humorous lyrics, Grieves delivers a quality Hip Hop track with a tight hook to go with it. I'm afraid to say, these days, it seems as though all tha non-black artists are tha ones fighting to keep tha culture alive while tha black artists are at tha edge of tha latest musical trend. It makes sense to me. It's no secret that African Americans have been among tha elite trendsetters in American culture. But, I'm going to do like tha song say," I don't wanna talk about it!" lol

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