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Local rappers walk 50 miles from San Bernardino to Pasadena for #Determination

What does determination look like to you? Well, for these local artists from Pasadena, California, they were determined to make a difference. "We're calling it Tha Fortified 50mile Walk for Determination inspired by Helen Keller," says Pasadena artist Bing Bing.

There have been talks on the local music scene in reference to Bing Bing's outreach efforts. Some don't understand it because they don't see any immediate change that his walks make. "You gotta understand that these are not solutions, but steps in the right direction." The local artist has been organizing long-distant walks for causes & charity as another approach to the game. You know, trying to "make it" as an artist.

Mistah Wilson says that the entire journey of the 50mile Walk will be exclusively available in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue37 due out on March 10th, 2016. "As for me, I've already fulfilled my million foot commitment for causes & charity," says Bing Bing. "At this point, I just stopped counting.

Participants in this 50mile walk effort were Pasadena artist DOMINANCE, Jangles (Jay Blue), and good friend named Tyler. Stay tuned for the release of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue37..

#50mile #Walk for #Determination. San Bernardino to Pasadena. February 29th, 2016. 20 Hours. Look out for ThaWilsonBlock...
Posted by Bing Bing on Wednesday, March 2, 2016



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