Tiffany's Coffee (Restaurant Review) by Mistah Wilson "Ham & Cheese" sandwich

I've been aware of Tiffany's Coffee establishment on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena for some time now.

Today, I finally decided to eat there. I wasn't looking to buy coffee, though. I just wanted a good sandwich from an independent business.

The employees were helpful and ready to serve. I'm very indecisive when it comes to ordering food. Especially when the menu is packed with many different things. Tiffany's Coffee had a fairly modest menu. For $4.95 (plus tax), you can get any sub sandwich. Don't ask me how long, okay. They cut mine in half lol. After debating with myself over Pastrami and Ham & Cheese, I decided to go with the Ham & Cheese sandwich. Since I wanted potato chips and a drink, it cost me a whopping $7.62. Any sandwich can be made a combo for $6.99 (plus tax) which comes out to $7.62.

Honestly, I fine that insane. I mean, I did appreciate ordering from a small business and supporting my local community, however, I would've completely won if I went to Subway (which was just a few businesses down). For the price I paid at Tiffany's Coffee for a Ham & Cheese combo, I could've got at Subway for about $1.00 cheaper. I also noticed that they don't do refills on coffee. It would be nice but I guess I can't really complain about that, huh? And I must admit, though the bread was a bit hard & stale, I was still able to enjoy the meal. I did find it quite odd that their condiments came in the same bottle they bought from the store somewhere. That was definitely my first time seeing that. But hey, when it comes to independent businesses, you're bound to see things done differently than that of corporate-owned franchises.

Overall, I was pleased with the food & customer service at Tiffany's Coffee, just not the price. I'm always looking for a deal when eating out. For anyone touring through Pasadena, Tiffany's Coffee is a cool place to stop by to grab a coffee or sandwich. They have a good variety of products and the establishment is pretty spacious.

I give this restaurant

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