About Us

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine is a digital publication committed to preserving local arts & culture. Started by Mistah Wilson in 2013, thawilsonMAG was inspired by the needs of the local music scene in Pasadena, California. Since our inception, we have released well over 150+ quality publications showcasing local talent.

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine covers politics, religion, culture, music, events, travel, & photography and contains active links that direct our readers to content on our website. It is also the only magazine anywhere on the market that showcases conceptual street sign photography, a unique niche of street photography that Mistah Wilson specializes in. 

Mistah Wilson uses ThaWilsonBlock Magazine to help share the stories of local artists and extraordinary people thru exclusive interviews and special features. ThaWilsonBlock Magazine is the premier publication documenting the local music scene in Pasadena, California and Seattle, Washington. 

If you have any questions about ThaWilsonBlock Magazine, you can Call/Text Mistah Wilson directly anytime at (626)817-6978 or Email thawilsonMAG@gmail.com

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