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Big Flock – “No Introduction” (Video)

Best known for his critically-acclaimed project The Great Depression. Maryland recording artist Big Flock unveils his potentially biggest hit yet in the new video, “No Introduction”. The first song since his release from prison, “No Introduction” is where the King of the Ab-libs makes his presence felt with brash lyrics melting in smoothly with trap drum production.

In the visual, the rising star takes us through a night in the studio where he reports his new work ethic and what fans can expect in the new music. “No Introduction” recently premiered on Fader and is quickly becoming his biggest hit to-date.

Big Flock on making “No Introduction”:

“Being away for so long, nothing but making music and blessing the people who are loyal to me has been on my mind. Now being back and with ‘No Introduction,’ Big Flock is back and better than ever. Thank you to my team and the fans for keeping my name relevant.”

Watch the new video below.



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