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Meet Hip Hop Musician "Bobby Barz" from Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Riding the waves all the way from Virginia Beach, Virginia, hip hop artist, music producer and audio engineer Bobby Mitchell Jr. A.K.A Bobby Barz continues to shed light to the dark areas of the world through his powerful words and wisdom. Molded by poverty and struggle it was inevitable that he became the humble, honest, dedicated and highly spirited individual that he is today. He entered the world February 27, 1991 with a purpose to fulfill. As a child the passion for music flowed through his veins. With his parents being absent most of his life he was forced to learn life lessons early on. The lessons he learned and the pain endured along his journey became the driving force behind his music. Battling anxiety and depression the studio soon became his personal therapy sessions. Bobby Barz has recorded numerous songs over the years but due to self criticism and a urge to achieve perfection most of the music was never released. After a period of silent growth he is now ready to showcase his talent. Each bar is filled with wordplay, passion and a piece of his story. Take a dive into his mind and look out for his first official album titled "Troubled Conscience" that will be available for streaming and download soon.



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