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The Jewish Community Weaponized Hip Hop Against Black People

Article by Mistah Wilson

Is it not yet painfully obvious that the so-called European Jewish community has profited off of the destruction of African American families all across the world? Are we really going to take the stance that conscious Hip Hop wouldn't have sold records? Whole fan bases have been ousted over the special interests of the Jewish community. Lyor Cohen, a so-called Jewish man who happens to be a record label executive, went on Breakfast Club radio station in New York and attributed the destructive nature of Hip Hop to his need to feed his own family. When bad things happen to black people, no one cares because it was more or less intended to happen. But, when the so-called Jewish community is threatened or under attack, tha whole world come to their aid? Who are these people exactly?

Should the Jewish community not be scrutinized for their work in Hip Hop? My question for the Jews is how can you have pagan heritage and biblical heritage at the same time? Hip Hop is a prime example of how racist whites are towards blacks. That white people would take the little culture black people have and pervert it for their own selfish gain. Yet, call out a so-called self-prescribed Jewish man for being a zionist and you're declared an anti-semite. But, what does it mean to be Jewish if anyone can just wake up and decide to be Jewish? To be sacred is not something you can just choose. Although, I will admit, humanity in and of itself is sacred in God. And by God I mean the one true and living God. The spirit of that which inhabited the flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The foundation of lies that the United States is built on is harmful to it's own citizens. It has created a liability for those of us who are actively paying attention to where the wind is blowing. When you watch mainstream news television, they speak to us as if we are not critical thinkers. They report the news in a way that suggests we are not smart enough to read between the lines. I mean, let's ask the questions. What does the Jewish man have against the natural black man? My theory is that the zionist Jews stole black people from their land because tha devil they serve knows who the original Hebrews are. So, because the devil does everything God authors in reverse, the devil then made those who are not Jews to be Jews. The devil is saying that evil is good and good is evil now. The devil even has his little minion politicians out here selling perversion as if it is acceptable and healthy for our society at large.


You see, in the world, white people think they have the power to be unfair towards others. To use their authority to impose their own interests on everybody else. But, when I was in jail, I told the top sheriff to his face that he doesn't have the power he thinks he has. He thought he was winning the situation because I was being transported to the special housing unit for my unruly behavior. But, I told him bro, you're sending me to a cell by myself where no one is yelling at me. You're actually doing me a favor lol. I'm so sharp with my intellect that the things I said gave me longer time in the SHU than those who actually kicked off riots and physically threatened staff. Our minds are far more powerful than the output of our physical strength. And knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it can be a powerful thing.

So me, as a rapper, can't find a producer if my career depended on it. After grinding as a rapper in these streets for over 15 years, I've come to realize what the game needs. After interviewing countless artists and musicians about their career, goals, and experiences, it has become apparent to me what the particular needs of the local music scene are. I remember as a young rapper, producers would tell us just how good our music had to be in order to find success in this business. That, to even have a mere shot at a career in music, required making the biggest hit song ever recorded. But, let the music play a little bit and I noticed that advice I would hear from producers didn't quite ring true. They told me my music had to be hot but hot music was not what I've been hearing in Hip Hop. hot or not, the industry wants what is going to sell. And they prey on the influence these young stars have on their fans or will have on new potential fans.

Every time a silly form of music was woven into the fabric of Hip Hop, it was financed by the Jewish community. This must be where the concept of the boogie man comes from tha way white men have puppeted the industry and used it to utterly destroy and replace black families. The music business is essentially governed by secret societies who have siphoned our tax dollars to fund their war against us. Think about it. We actually pay wages for our own destruction. They are killing us and literally making us pay for it. That's what happens when you play into the scheme of this wicked industry. And I'd make the argument that it's these European Jews who are fostering evil in the music industry. It's not that the music business, in and of itself, is evil no more than a rich person is evil for simply being rich. It's the people behind the scenes sitting in executive positions who are conspiring against the youth. Because truth is, they're all evil pedophiles who serve the devil by going against the grain of God. See, in the physical world, it very well may appear that they are dominating the world. But, in the spirit realm, there's a whole different hierarchy than what we are seeing and experiencing on Earth.

Are you an artist? Are you aware of your artistic prowess but lack the relationships and resources necessary to break through? Are you held back due to circumstantial mishaps? Many of the things that hinder us as young black artists is the systems and traps that have been placed in our way. You got to have an inn to navigate these concrete waters. Crips and Bloods are no different than Republicans and Democrats because it all boils down to the pack mentality. We grow up being drawn to the screen. We've been so worried about how to reach people that we never question if what we are sending is even in the best interest of our audience and ourselves. We fail to stop for a moment and consider if sending such a message is consistent with the principles and beliefs we hold dear. That's why, in my recent years, I can't make sense out of halloween or even the horror genre altogether. I mean, if we wouldn't want evil done to us personally, what does it say about who we really are when we willfully consume such filth? A jury would condemn a heinous criminal who has no remorse but would delight themselves in a horror flick for entertainment. One of the biggest threats humanity faces are those who believe the wrong things...on purpose.

With the Israel/Gaza war breaking out in the mainstream media, the zionists have been exposed. American interests are in question and civil dissension is cooking the melting pot itself. Every man who stands on the side of righteousness will have a conflict of interest when it comes to serving their country. Because your hard earned tax dollars, that you can face potential imprisonment over refusal to pay, are being used to fund programs and initiatives that are not in you or your family's best interest. The institution of marriage has been redefined and lame duck president Biden condemned all of society when he called himself legalizing same-sex marriage. But, you know its tyranny when they think they can politicize religion. It's that exercising of power that implies that this isn't a democracy, but a rule.

The weaponization of Hip Hop against the Black community by European Jewish Men compliments all the other instances of racism in the United States. The media is used to make these things look good and appealing, but beneath the surface is a raging hell. My community tells me to stop talking American politics but would stay up all night discussing American football. The strongest of Men and warriors amongst us have been slain by either the grave or the cell. And the black community lays vulnerable in the middle of the road, unable to move. It's just a matter of a short time before the vultures arrive and eat whats left. One could argue that they're already picking the bones.


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