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Does America's Interests Align With The American People?

What are American interests, exactly? Does any regular person know? When we hear commentary on the news about why the United States entertains wars with foreign nations, what is the justification? Have we not learned from history that we are essentially an accomplice to a war crime machine?Just because you go to work to support your family, your tax dollars have to fund the reckless ambitions of your own government. And getting a tax return is supposed to make you feel better about these circumstances.

I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Gino Jennings. He mentioned we shouldn't be on the side of America. I mean, has the American government not gone rogue? Imposing new tax and law regulations year after year while the federal minimum wage hasn't increased in generations. Permitting new housing construction that creates a homelessness crisis. Sending your tax dollars overseas to fund proxy wars. Endorsing perversion and promoting a societal culture of non-reproductive communities. Creating provisions for illegal immigrants. All things considered, one must wonder: what does the government actually want from us?

Personally, ever since I came into the knowledge of understanding, I don't quite see the difference in the United States and Europe. I perceive the United States as a European proxy nation under the guise of a constitution. But, how could the United States be any different than Europe if the Europeans here in America own and run everything? How are we our own nation when our legal system is inspired by Old English legislation? 

I had full support for Ron DeSantis for President until he publicized his views on Israel. There are so many unanswered questions and built upon lies that fosters confusion when reading about the Jews in the Bible in contrast to the secular narrative of today. I felt so liberated to hear Ron DeSantis oust the likes of DEI and ESG. It revealed to me the perverse agenda the government has had against natural people, a trend I picked up on in my early twenties. But, because I wasn't hip to politics at the time, I wasn't able to call out what it was. Ron's views on Israel begs the question "what are America's interests exactly?" We have fostered generations who have developed hatred and dissension for the country that gives them civil liberties. We use the rights given to us to fight the system that gave it. I wouldn't call that a healthy culture.

Through propaganda, the United States government has conspired against the American people. There is an open plot to destroy this country and the people living in it. So again, what are American interests, exactly? Who benefits from the broader context of American interests? What sense does it make to normalize a job market that pays lower than the cost of rents in a given area? Meanwhile, you keep permitting new housing construction while too many spaces remain vacant and construction becomes an ill part of traffic congestion, frustrating drivers and fostering all kinds of road rage. Bottle-necking major thoroughfares for private projects. Imposing bicycle lanes in a once wide open road. It's very normal for employees to get paid on irregular days of the month. Payday might be the 3rd and 27th of every month. But, that doesn't stop landlords from implementing late fees for payments not made on the first of the month. Whether they are familiar with how jobs pay employees or not, they don't even care. Because it is in their own interest to put the burden on the consumer. And its these climates that directly affect the quality of life for citizens in the United States.

The media will constantly talk about why certain interests are important. But, for those of us who are aware of America's cultural diversity, I ask, where is the middle ground? For example, if we have a significant population of Chinese people living in the United States, what does it mean for them if the American government comes at odds with China? How are they supposed to interpret 'American Interests' exactly? We need to start a conversation about what American interests actually are since we have so many politicians campaigning condemnation for the American people. The government plays us like we're supposed to be stupid or something. But, the strongest among us are all preoccupied with winning within the American paradigm to ever consider a resistance. And this creates a liability for all unsuspecting Americans who, day by day, go on about their own lives.

Important questions every US politician should be asked is why does the United States care so much about Israel? Why should our tax dollars be used to fund war games and incite riots in sovereign nations? Does our own preservation as a country really depend on global domination and oppression of other nations? I would think that American interests would revolve around what's good for the American people. And in recent years, it just seems as though the government has taken it upon themselves to make decisions FOR the people instead of allowing the people to exercise true democracy.  They are telling us what we should want, what we should do, and how we should think. If America was no longer a systemically racist country, then why is perversion being over-imposed while giving absolutely no thought to those who just might be offended? 

I can only imagine how difficult it has been for young Men, particularly the millennial generation, like myself who have had to endure an awakening while dealing with the ramifications of an evil matrix in real-time. Politicians supplement their own lifestyles with publicly pooled funds and institute new laws that grows their power and reduces that of the people's. To conclude this article, it must be said that American interests as defined by statute or official does not correlate with the interests of the common American citizen. If God gave us the gift of reproducing, why would our own country spend billions of dollars trying to discourage natural reproduction in society? Why should our own government use media campaigns to sell ideological warfare to it's own people?

We understand why African Americans can't get a fair shake in America when we zoom out and glance at the global picture. Why would America care so much about the falsified State of Israel over the continent of Africa? Is it because the European world wants to embody the identity of their captives? Europeans have made a grave mistake thinking they can use politics to influence religious norms. Millennials and younger generations have essentially been robbed of the american dream and pursuit of happiness. We have been sold out by our own deep state extortionist government who distracts us with matters that mean nothing. And they can't even answer simple questions so as to avoid incriminating themselves. Has our integrity as a nation not meant anything? How could there ever have been honor in this country if it was outright stolen? How could we ever move past that without putting up a fight?

If the Europeans thought defeating Hitler gave them rights to steal the heritage of the Hebrews, then there is no fighting for America. Let European nations bring their ships to Plymouth Rock to protect the assets they stole from the world. Let them defend their own punish honor. As for the American people, we will side with humanity. And endorsing perversion IS NOT humanity, it's absolutely inhumane. 



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