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Natasha Bianca Is THAT Bitch In Her High Energy Anthem “Flex”

Natasha Bianca, the rising pop and R&B sensation hailing from Adelaide, is no stranger to the stage or the spotlight. Her steady rise to the main stage has been marked by features on Spotify’s Fresh Finds AU & NZ and The Drip playlists, and recognition on Fresh 92.7 Radio, CADA, Triple J, and Unearthed Feature Artist. Highlighting her prowess, Natasha was celebrated as one of the top 5 soul/funk/R&B artists at the SA Music Awards in 2022 and 2023 and shone at Groovin the Moo 2023, her first major festival appearance.

Natasha’s influence stretches beyond Adelaide; she has supported acts like Jay Zayat and Kill Carter in Melbourne and showcased her talent at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory. Her collaborations with Australian music luminaries Birdee and Thandi Phoenix underline her growing stature in the music scene. A significant nod to the rising star was her inclusion in the Listen Out 23 lineup alongside Ice Spice and Lil Uzi Vert, facilitated through Triple J Unearthed. Most recently, Natasha featured at the Metro Theatre in Sydney, supporting Young Franco, hosted by Smirnoff Australia.

Central to Natasha’s work is her upcoming debut EP, anchored in themes of female empowerment. This project is anticipated not just for its musical innovation but for its potential to inspire and empower. Natasha Bianca is more than an artist; she’s a visionary, using her voice to ignite change and empower women through the universal language of music.

“Flex” is a high-energy anthem where Natasha Bianca is calling out the flashy, picture-perfect lifestyle from internet trolls, the boys club and everyone in between trying to tear her down. With a catchy chorus that repeats “Flex flex, all your cash bro, we know you do it for the gram though,” this track pokes fun at the obsession with online validation. The verses are bold and unapologetic, all set to a beat that demands attention. Flex is calling out the haters and Natasha wants everyone to know she’s THAT BITCH and nothing or nobody will get in her way.



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