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Court Clerk Lies About Conflict of Interest Minute Order in People v. Michael Taylor GA1111-32 (made

Source: On April 10th, 2024, the court clerk at 210 West Temple Street informed defendant Michael Taylor in case GA1111-32 that there was no indication of a minute order pertaining to conflicts of interest declared by the Los Angeles County Public Defender.  On May 2nd, after already being misinformed by the court clerk at the Foltz Criminal Justice center that there were no indication or record of any conflicts of interest declared by the public defenders, the court clerk in Hollywood all of a sudden presents a minute order pertaining to the conflicts of interest. Problem is, the minute order still didn't provide any reason for the declared conflicts of interest. So, as it stands now, the Los Angeles County Public Defenders have no alibi for declaring conflicts of interest without reason in direct response to the defendant asserting his constitutional rights to effective assistance of counsel.  This audio further proves that the California Superior Court clerks have conspired with Trial Judges to intentionally falsify legal documents and proceedings in indigent defendants cases, citing terrorist levels of judicial misconduct.



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