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The Gloom Unit Sets Out to “Come Heavy” By Releasing Devereaux-Prod. Debut EP to Start 2024 (EP Review)

The Gloom Unit are a West Coast horrorcore duo consisting of both Acetone Boogie & Frankie Goldie. One of whom comes straight out of Tucson, Arizona & the other representing Sin City Las Vegas, Nevada respectively as part of the Swamp Society collective. Acetone’s been putting it down for the underground for over a decade at this point putting out a total of 3 solo LPs as of me writing this review & Frankie has been establishing himself artistically by doing a couple features & even releasing 2 solo singles. But after coming together in the fall & preluding their debut EP in the form of a few singles, Acetone & Frankie are looking to Come Heavy by properly introducing themselves to kick off the new year with Chapter 17/Psychopathic Records in-house producer Devereaux behind the boards start to finish.

After the intro, the first song “Anna in da Attic” is an occult trap opener paying homage to the Insane Clown Posse’s best storytelling track ridin’ dirty with the chromes “Amy’s in the Attic” whereas “Blood on My Chucks” instrumentally gives off more of a west coast vibe to spit the wicked shit with the bells calling back to “Real G Shit” off of Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s self-titled debut EP & I just wanna say I mean that as a compliment. “Dead Ringer” shifts back into trap turf trying to figure out why they hatin’ just before “Bury da Bones” works in some pianos & hi-hats talking about how no one else like them. “LeanGutt” then closes out the EP on a triumphant trap note with elements of chopped & screwed dedicated to the thuggalos.

These guys have only been getting better with each single they’ve been giving us, so it was more than enough to convince me that Come Heavy was gonna be a promising introduction to who the Gloom Unit really is. Now that we finally got their debut EP to start 2024, it should absolutely please the juggalos & maybe even some G*59 fans too. Devereaux’s production is chiefly trap-oriented with additional elements of west coast hip hop or even chopped & screwed mixed in leaving it up to both Acetone Boogie & Frankie Goldie to further hone in their chemistry.

Score: 8/10



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