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Meet Bending Indie Rock Band "Izy Kactus" from Portland, Oregon

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Formed in 2019 in Portland, Oregon, Izy Kactus emerged just before the global pandemic, marking a new chapter in the indie rock scene. The band was initially founded by Richard Shellhorn and Bill Straub, who sought to create a unique sound that defies traditional genre boundaries.

Izy Kactus is known for its dynamic and genre-bending indie rock style, which artfully fuses elements of funk, Latin, rock, folk, psychedelic, and more. This eclectic blend ensures that no two songs sound the same, keeping their audience constantly engaged and anticipating what's next.

The band's current lineup boasts a talented ensemble of musicians, including Sean Rice on drums, Richard Shellhorn on guitar and vocals, Brad Moore on bass and vocals, Josh Bettis on keyboard and vocals, and the recent addition of Tony Rupp on lead guitar. This skilled group of artists brings a rich diversity of influences and styles to the band, contributing to its distinctive sound.

Influenced by a wide range of artists from Pink Floyd and The Beatles to The Cure, Izy Kactus’s music resonates with fans of various musical tastes. Their influences, spanning from the '70s to contemporary music, reflect in their creative process and output.

Having recorded an EP, Izy Kactus has begun making waves in the Portland music scene and beyond. Their live shows are known for their energy and unforgettable experiences, strengthening their growing fan base.

As a group of family-oriented men who share a deep passion for music, Izy Kactus is more than just a band; it's a brotherhood. Their commitment to their craft and to each other is evident in every performance and recording. 


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