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No One Can Find The Clip of Ron DeSantis Being Racist Towards Black History

Everyone I talk to has a repulsive reaction whenever I mention Ron DeSantis. I'm literally watching toxic narrative propaganda actually influencing the minds of my community. Everyone I talk to assumes he's racist due to the demagoguery of the radical left and the power they wield over top legacy media outlets. But, how can we call someone racist while refusing to even want to understand them? Does that not make us worse than we accuse him of being?

Well, for me, at least, I can say, I actually watch Ron DeSantis coverage. Press conferences, I'm chopping up whole interviews he's done on multiple podcasts and such, and I'm paying very close attention. Meanwhile, the people who don't like him never even gave him a chance. That's not right for a candidate who has paid his dues every step on the way up. We owe him our undivided attention. And if you still don't like him, fine. But, we do ourselves an injustice not to mention an insult when we don't give people a chance to be heard. 

The truth is, Ron DeSantis represents every hard topic my community doesn't want to talk about. The fear of being canceled has even the strongest of us subdued. Why should we allow ourselves to be tricked out of a prominent future? We can't say Ron DeSantis is racist when the analysts who called him racist never even rolled the clip of him actually being racist. The college AP courses on black history standards, Ron has cleared the air on those lies and yet people still insist that he's not worth consideration. 

Then I hear pundits like Candace Owens and Patrick Bet-David speak on Ron DeSantis and I would argue they have the wrong idea about him. People keep referring to his personality as if the presidential race is a beauty pageant or reality television. When they can't beat his arguments, his opponents resort to lame name-calling, hurling insults, and belittling. And that's why Ron DeSantis is the best chance the United States of America has at restoring the dignity and public image of this country. Because he's a politician who means business and has the track record to prove it. Every time they demagogue DeSantis, they're actually standing in our way of having a sensible, young candidate who is Prime for the job.

People tell me Ron DeSantis is racist but can never show me the clip of him actually being racist lol. I don't know Ron from Adam but when I hear him speak, he makes more sense than most candidates. I guess my question now is if people truly care about the well-being of children, why are we rejecting the one candidate who made it his business to protect families? Why are we going to allow the lying left to deceive us out of the best chance we have at restoring this country to greatness? You can't say Ron DeSantis is racist as an excuse to not support him while the entire system already has a long history of being racist. 

The same people who voted Biden are the same people unexcited about DeSantis. Because black America is too willfully politically uneducated. These voters end up being liabilities for us all when we don't give candidates a fair shake. Ron DeSantis is a Man of service who took special interest in getting the United States back on track. And we are lucky to have him.

If anyone out there disagrees with the contents of this article, I beg you to send me a clip of Ron DeSantis being everything you claim he is. We don't feed into news narratives especially when they don't roll the clip of the subject they're talking about. If racism is bad and we don't want it done to us, then we should treat others with the same consideration. How many times does the news have to talk about Ron DeSantis, using his likeness in YouTube thumbnails, without actually interviewing him or rolling a clip relevant to their point? Ron DeSantis is correct when he says no one even believes the demagoguery by the left. The left spews pure propaganda and they are not your friends because they're actively trying to stop people from coming to the knowledge of truth and understanding. They don't want you to think for yourself, they want you on their side whether you believe like them or not. 



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