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”Boy George Dreams” is Some of Snotty’s Most Passionately Delivered Material (EP Review)

New York City emcee Snotty making his 11th EP the 4th & final project that he’s given us in 2023. Establishing himself by dropping his last 10 EPs along with 3 mixtapes & the Steiner Brothers’ eponymous debut, he would go on to join the Umbrella collective with likes of Jay Royale or Mickey Diamond & even his Steiner Brothers cohort Pro Dillinger to name a few. I’ve also heard his features throughout the Gucci Ghost series as well as The Final Sniff of the No Cosign, Just Cocaine saga & even some of Hus Kingpin’s material within the last few years (most notably Portishus). But coming off the Chapter II EP couple months ago, Snotty is helping close out the year by putting out Boy George Dreams.

“Everybody Eats” is an orchestral-tinged opener likening it a soup kitchen whereas the soulful “190E 2.5” admits that he feels like part of him has changed & that shit’s hardly been the same for him ever since the love been gone. “Obsession” has a bit of a boom bap flare instrumentally detailing his obsession with enterprising prior to “Apartment 1C” featuring fellow Umbrella collective member Mvck Nyce works in this solemn sample taking things to the streets.

The beat on “Dapper Dan Jaccet” pays homages to Daringer’s whole style explaining how hard be flexing that Gucci, but then Daniel Son of the Brown Bag Money collective teams up with Snotty for the grimy “Felonious Food Courts” reminding that the streets know the names & they don’t have to say it twice. “Tuxedo Enterprise” shoots for a smoother instrumental bragging that they invented fly & “Shrimp Dinner” by the Steiner Brothers eerily talking about out they’ll Hudson River shrimp dinner someone.

“Ostrich Interior” starts the encore of Boy George Dreams on a drumlessly moodier note assuring that there’ll never be another like when it’s all said & done that is until “Trench Baby” slides through with a sample-laced sendoff to the project by Snotty telling the story of what it was like for him being born & raised out in the trenches of my 2nd favorite place to travel to in here in the States behind Los Angeles of course: NYC.

Of the 4 projects that we’ve gotten from Snotty this year: Boy George Dreams has to be my favorite solo project of his but that’s not to say it isn’t neck-&-neck with the Steiner Brothers album. The guest list is consistently unparalleled throughout the 10-track/almost 25 minute offering, the production teeters between boom bap & drumless and I lastly find the performances from Snotty himself to be the most passionate he’s sounded so far. The Umbrella collective stays consistent.

Score: 7/10


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