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RNC Chair: Perfectly 'Appropriate' To Have Convicted Felon As Nominee

Mod: It seems odd that the "law and order" party is going to nominate a convicted rapist. Not to mention whatever else he'll be sentenced for in the next year.

RNC Chair: Perfectly 'Appropriate' To Have Convicted Felon As Nominee (Crooks & Liars link): RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel told CNN's Dana Bash that "Whoever the voters choose is the appropriate nominee" when asked about the possibility of a convicted felon being their presidential candidate. She also feigned ignorance on Trump's Veteran's Day message, which many critics were likening to Hitler.

Of course, Bash couldn't manage to ask the question without some both-siderist false equivalency, pretending the crazy, unhinged, racist and dangerous crap that comes out of Trump's mouth on a daily basis is in any way, shape or form similar to anything Hillary Clinton has ever said. 
And then there was this:

BASH: If those are the issues, if you end up having Donald Trump as your nominee, and if he is convicted of a crime, do you believe that he would be the appropriate nominee for the Republican Party?

MCDANIEL: Whoever the voters choose is the appropriate nominee.

BASH: Even if he's a convicted criminal?

MCDANIEL: I know this is newsworthy, but, as party chair, I'm going to support who the voters choose. And, yes, if they choose Donald Trump -- the voters are looking at this, and they think there is a two-tiered system of justice. They don't believe a lot of the things that are coming out in this. And they're making these decisions. And you're seeing that reflected in the polls.

"Two-tiered system of justice".... DRINK! Just imagine what she'd be saying if the tables were turned and it was Joe Biden who was facing the possibility of all of these convictions?

Mod: There is more at the link.

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