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OPINION: What Do You Mean 'My Body My Choice'?

Now, I'm not insinuating that a woman shouldn't be able to protect herself and her own best interests. However, there are nuances to this "my body my choice" concept that I feel calls for a challenge. Basically, my question is what does 'your body your choice' have to do with the fact that it took two to make the child? If a Man gives his seed to a woman, what right does a woman have to run off with HIS, or THEIR child once it is born. You see, American women have embraced the protections afforded to them by government; and they reap these benefits even if it is at the expense of other citizens whether male or female, white or black. Dr. Umar Johnson said in a recent interview that governments deliberately put women on a pedestal because they are not military threats. And whether thats true or not, it makes sense to me.

With all due respect to the female, the societal culture in the United States about women always being right and Men having to suffer the loss of control over their households just to keep a happy marriage is just downright wrong. I feel like a real woman would forfeit these provisions in exchange of standing by her family. But, these days, women take full advantage of others being robbed of civility so that they can exercise extra-curricular control that doesn't nurture happy homes. The United States government is actively influencing American society to be perverted. They are essentially robbing us of a bright future. 

Let me make this clear: abortion is wrong. If we're going to make exemptions for rape cases, then so be it. But, what we're not going to do is normalize a culture of perversion and willful murder. When we discuss these issues, the premise seems to always be based on why we should have rights to do the wrong things whilst never considering preventative measures. For example, there are women out there who feel strongly about their so-called right to abort their baby. But, they never consider, oh I don't know, not having sex maybe. Abstaining. Abstinence is a powerful tool. It can be applied to various facets of life that will ensure a desired outcome. There are things we do to make sure things happen, or never happen. The 'my body my choice' stance implies that the woman has the sole discretion over the baby's life...without consequence. And these positions have contributed to attacks on the institution of marriage. Men are starting to feel like marriage just isn't worth it for them while the women who actually do want to get married still carry around expectations inherited from their parents. 

Yes, ultimately, a woman will make the ultimate decision regarding her body. But, to just flat out insist that the father of the child does not and/or should not have a say in the matter is pure evil. How shallow does a person have to be to take such a position and not be ashamed? These are cowardly natures that are detrimental to a healthy society. And to be clear, I'm not sitting here saying Men should be able to overrule a woman's ultimate decision regarding her body. But, what I am saying is that the Man who helped make that baby should absolutely have a say-so in the matter. And for women to run behind the government to extort others involved is just savage. When a women uses the government to extort her Man, it establishes a war between male and female. 

You see, 'my body my choice' is just a front for women to steal Men's babies so they can profit off of their lives thru the government, who has every reason to want to indoctrinate your children. A millennial Man like myself then begins to wonder if I'd even be able to protect my family at all. I mean, after all, whether you agree or not, it doesn't matter where you plant an apple seed in the world. It will produce apples. The soil cultivates the seed but the seed is still an apple seed. In the same way, when a Man gets a woman pregnant, it's essentially the Man's seed. But, I don't say it's tha Man's seed just for him to escape with the child, either. Of course, the child is a gift from God for both of you. But, to insist there isn't nor should there be a proper order to things is inconclusive, meaning you have come to conclusions on things you know you don't fully understand.

Women who are firmly planted on the ideals of pro-abortion should consider giving themselves over to further study. It is important that, amidst these differences, all things are considered. When I take an open stance against abortion, it's because I've considered the arguments of my detractors. I've given conscious thought to the position of my opponent so that our discourse might benefit of us both. It's a touchy subject, for sure. But, it's a moral issue that can be remedied with a little love and integrity. Then again, you have people out there who are in an honest disposition whereas others are straightforward sinister about their intentions. 

It almost seems as though women, in their attempt to not be bullied, in turn bullies Men into taking what rightfully belongs to them just as much as the mother. Women have grown to forget about the protective instincts Men have towards their family. Imagine a Lioness taking the cubs of a alpha male lion and running off with them. I don't think the Lion is going to appreciate that very much, especially knowing the lioness will have an inclination to find another mate. And that leads me to my final point concerning abortion. Women plot in the dark to rebel against their man and use the government to strip him of his kids so that she can collect a welfare check while dating other strange Men. It happens all the time. Do you understand how threatening it is for a Father deal with another strange Man being around his children? Why should this be the case just because the woman decided not to be loyal? Who installed the idea in her mind that she doesn't have to be loyal? That she could just up and take the Man for everything he has any time she's ready to quit. And that's why I abhor the thought of a United States marriage license. Because the government is going to step in with guns and paperwork to interfere in the affairs of grown Men. And that is a recipe for absolute disaster. 

The 'My Body My Choice' movement has stifled relationships in America and around the Eurocentric world. It's like, because we all know the woman is the weaker vessel compared to Men, we give in to their rebellion and let them win. But, to just let them wins means that no one wins. The kids don't get to live with both parents, the Man is out of a relationship and a family, and the women, whether she likes it or not, endures bitterness for the rest of her life. This movement is a disrespectful towards Men and an insult to the institution of marriage. I mean, who told these women they have a right to run off with a Man's child. Most of the time, it's not because of anything the Man did wrong. It's usually because the influences society plants in the minds of it's citizens gives these women the idea that they don't have to be loyal because they can fall back and rely on the government for assistance. Women have been given absolutely too much credit, credit they simply don't deserve. Credit that throws others under the bus. And they gladly accept it with a smile on their face, knowing they're not right. 

What makes these women strongly believe that they can run off with what a Man gave them? What it took two people to create, one gets to make sole decisions for? Imagine investing in a business with a partner and you both put in the same amount only for one of the partners to make a decision that negatively affects the other partner's ability to decide. Imagine buying a bicycle at the department store for $250 and they keep your change after you tendered $300. Imagine buying a microwave but a toaster came in the box. All these scenarios would frustrate any human. The common denominator is that none of them make sense. And women thinking they have a right to take what two people helped create and withhold it from the other party at their own expense is just an outright evil. It's a spirit that comes straight out of hell. And we rebuke these evil spirits in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

May God be with us all.


  1. I agree. It takes two to make a child and the woman should not be allowed to abort a child just because it is growing inside of her. Abortion is wrong. On the other hand, two people that are in a committed marriage are not trying to abort anything. They understand that one of the purposes of them getting married is to bring into this world, healthy, loving, and God fearing individuals. Abortion is not an option. Abortion is mainly the thought of people who are not in a committed marriage relationship, or having sex outside of marriage.


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