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Israel Attacked with 2200 Rockets


Southern and Central Israel were rocked by warning sirens as thousands of rockets were fired into the area from Gaza. Israel's military is on high alert, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for an emergency meeting of security officials. This comes amidst the most serious escalation of violence since the 2021 war between Israel and Hamas.

Hamas claims to have launched over 5,000 rockets into Israel, sparking panic as air raid sirens wailed across the country. The onslaught began early in the morning, causing people to seek shelter indoors. Shocking mobile phone footage captured plumes of smoke rising above Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv. According to reports, one person has been killed and 15 injured, and these numbers may increase as the situation unfolds.

Of grave concern is the news that Hamas fighters have managed to infiltrate Israel through the border using paragliders. This development has taken everyone by surprise, from journalists to top-level defense officials, leaving the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) with the task of formulating a response. At the time of reporting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is holding an emergency meeting with security officials to strategize.

The timing of this escalation is significant. It coincides with the end of the Jewish Festival of Shavuot and coincidentally marks 50 years since the Yom Kippur War, adding an extra layer of tension to an already volatile situation. The severity of Israel's response will be closely watched, as it is expected to be firm in the face of this alarming escalation.

The recent barrage of rockets launched by Hamas into Israel has brought about a heightened state of emergency. The situation is the most serious since the 2021 war, with unexpected infiltration attempts deepening concerns for national security. As the world watches, Israel's response will remain under scrutiny.




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