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George Conway: Trump is 'terrified' his entire fortune will be stripped away

Mod: As Mr. Billy Ray Valentine put it: "You know, it occurs to me that the best way to hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people."

George Conway: Trump is 'terrified' his entire fortune will be stripped away (Raw Story link): Appearing on MSNBC early Monday, conservative attorney George Conway suggested that Donald Trump's recent rants about what is going on in Judge Arthur Engoron's courtroom in Manhattan is a sign that he has grown increasingly panicked that his fortune will be stripped away from him.

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Conway noted that three Trump children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump will be testifying in the $250 million civil suit trial this week in a case where Engoron has already ruled that financial fraud has occurred. Speaking with host Mika Brzezinski, Conway bluntly stated that the former president is "terrified." 
"Am I wrong in my analysis that he is showing up at this civil fraud trial a lot because this one gets him where it really hurts?" the attorney was asked.

"Yes, I fundamentally agree with that. I think it is even more, in a way, fundamental; this puts him out of business. This case is putting him out of business," he replied.

He continued, "That's his essence. I think that he's just terrified that, you know, he's not going to have the Trump Tower, he's not going to have all the things he has bragged about for decades, for his 60, you know, for six decades. It's going to be gone."

He won't be able to run a business, and the question is, how much money is he going to be allowed to keep from that?" he suggested. "And that, to him, is striking at the core of Donald Trump."

Mod: Billy Ray Valentine was played by Eddie Murphy in the movie 'Trading Places.' It is hilarious, wise and relevant to our current troubled days. Watch it on YouTube (link).

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