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Lauren Boebert Blames Difficult Divorce, Excitement of ‘Beetlejuice’ for Vaping and Public Sex Acts in Apology

Mod: There is something about a few million Internet video hits that will cause the guilty to recant.

Boebert Blames Divorce, Excitement of ‘Beetlejuice’ for Vaping and Public Sex Acts in Apology (Meidas Touch link): Lauren Boebert has had quite the week – and it seems that her hubris has finally caught up to her. On Friday night, Boebert finally issued an apology following the fallout from her incident in a Denver theater.

After it was reported by the Denver Post that the Colorado congresswoman and her date were kicked out of a showing of 'Beetlejuice' at Denver's Buelle Theatre on Sunday, Boebert at first wrote it off with a flippant tweet along with a link to buy tickets. 

Boebert, her spokesperson, and her campaign manager then denied key aspects of the story. She insisted she wasn't vaping as reported (a pregnant woman behind her had pleaded with her to stop) and instead blamed "heavy fog machines" and "electronic cigarettes used during the play." She insisted it was a "misunderstanding" from someone sitting near her.

Then came the video. Denver's 9NEWS released four minutes of footage obtained from the venue's security cameras prior to the police being called, which showed Boebert misbehaving, snapping flash photos on her smartphone during the performance, and causing a disturbance. 

The surveillance footage followed Boebert as she was escorted out of the building and caught her giving the middle finger to security.

But that wasn't all. In the footage, Boebert could also be seen engaging in sexual acts with her date during the musical (link), grabbing his hand and placing it on her breasts and fondling his penis over his pants in the middle of the packed auditorium, which holds nearly 3,000 people.

Now, it appears Boebert is finally acknowledging the severity of the situation – or at least how much it threatens her electoral chances in the upcoming 2024 election (Boebert won by a mere 546 votes in 2022 against a formidable challenger, Adam Frisch).

Boebert, striking a unusually more serious tone, put the blame on her "difficult divorce" and said she might have gotten caught up in the "excitement of seeing a much-anticipated production."

Mod; Much more at the link.

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