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Cassidy Hutchinson: Trump Refused To Wear Covid-19 Masks Because They Smudged His Bronzer

Mod: Was the anti-mask rebellion born the day Trump discovered they smeared his make-up? 

Hutchinson: Trump Refused To Wear Masks Because They Smudged His Bronzer (Meidas Touch link): Following the revelation that Rudy Giuliani groped her during the January 6th Stop The Steal Rally, even more incredible details about former White House Aide Cassidy Hutchinson's time in the Trump Administration are coming out from her book, Enough.

It turns out, the reason why Trump was so opposed to wearing COVID-19 masks, even at the height of the pandemic, was that they rubbed off his face bronzer.

From Hutchinson's book as reported by The Guardian:

The president pulled the mask off and asked why I thought he should not wear it. I pointed at the straps of the N95 I was holding. When he looked at the straps of his mask, he saw they were covered in bronzer. He wasn’t happy about that. 'Why did no one else tell me that,' he said. 'I’m not wearing this thing.'

Trump was almost never seen wearing one after that, with only a handful of exceptions. The press would criticize him for not wearing a mask, not knowing that the depth of his vanity had caused him to reject masks ― and then millions of his fans followed suit.

Over a million Americans died from COVID-19, and so many of those were due to people transmitting the disease by not wearing masks in public. Trump's supporters took his lead in refusing to wear them and openly mocking those that did. They still refuse to wear masks to this day. 

All because Trump didn't want to smudge his makeup.

Mod: The bottom two graphics are from Buzzfeed. Click here for additional tanning tips.

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