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Upcoming Celebrity NoxBond gets escorted out of night club by security!

 Upcoming Celebrity NoxBond was spotted in Atlanta this week on Monday night.

He was scheduled for a performance at Icebar, after performing last  week with his group Trill Bond and setting the crowd ablaze, this week  there were hundreds of people in attendance, and a heavy buzz in the  air. All eyes were on NoxBond as he danced on the tables and couches,  and distracted and amped up everyone, moving through the crowd, the dj  booth, and on and off the stage, and got approached several times  through-out the night by the club's security.

Halfway through  the night, around 12:30am NoxBond was seen being escorted out of the  club's doors by a group of security as a section of people were in the  front directing the staff, and Security prevented a fight. He hung  around the parking lot for awhile, making everyone laugh when he  explained what happened.

According to the video posted on his instagram reel :


"Uh, I told shawty I aint wanna be her friend if she aint f*ckin, so he  felt like it was his job to be like 'We ain't on that'" and it  escalated from there.

No names were mentioned, but word around  the street is that the offending party has apologized for his actions  and the girl actually texted NoxBond immediately after trying to hang  out again! After being rejected by him for the 3rd time!

As NoxBond says in the video posted on his page, this is "Rockstar shit."

It's reported NoxBond was in the parking lot yelling things like "2Pac's Back!", and "Real Life Or No Life"

AMAZINGLY : The people who he got into an altercation with invited him  back to the club mere moments later, and the only reason he didn't get  back in is because the club owner was already offended and stopped him  from coming back in, and there is video evidence of all of it!

This is another day in NoxBond's wild life.





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