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Nacho Soprano (@NachoSoprano) - "9:00AM" (Video)

Florida rapper Nacho Soprano presents the Filmrat-directed music video for "9:00AM", the single from Nacho Pharma, his new album out now featuring Mixon Baby. The Jacksonville native broke out in 2021 with another Nacho Pharma single "Killa Cam" (watch the music video on Youtube), and he recently released the Nacho Supreme album (stream on Spotify). When asked about his inspiration for the track, Nacho says "I wake up every morning before 9AM to start my day to work on the life I want to build for myself, which is go to the studio."

source https://www.thewrapupmagazine.com/2023/06/nacho-soprano-nachosoprano-900am-video.html


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