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Debut Country Pop Single “The Deep End” from Evanthia

Nashville, TN (May 27, 2023) - Singer-songwriter Evanthia released her debut single "The Deep End" on May 25, 2023. Co-written with chart-topping country songwriters Wyatt Durette and Tyler Filmore, the country-pop single seamlessly blends elements of contemporary pop, singer-songwriter, and country music. “The Deep End” perfectly encapsulates the feeling of helplessly falling in love, and sets the tone for future releases to come for the up-and-coming singer. 

Leading up to the highly anticipated release of “The Deep End,” Evanthia has attracted a large audience on social media by showcasing her talents in music, dance, and acting. Through her captivating content, she has amassed nearly 800,000 followers. Working alongside some of the music industry's top songwriters and producers, Evanthia’s music has been recognized by CMA award-winning, Grammy award-winning, and multi-platinum music industry professionals. Among those who have praised her songwriting abilities is Grammy Award Winning Producer Tony Brown, who said, "Evanthia is that one artist/writer who can stand amongst today’s elitists group of aspiring deep songwriters with songs that were so well-crafted, however, reached the level of not only prolific but very commercial, hit-sounding, yet oozing with integrity!" Evanthia's remarkable talent and dedication have positioned her as one of the most promising young artists of her generation. Her hard work has earned her a coveted spot with Paradigm, one of the industry's top talent agencies, cementing her place in the entertainment industry. 

“The Deep End” is the perfect song for hopeless romantics. With vivid imagery and honest songwriting, the song flawlessly captures the experience of a girl who is hopelessly falling in love, but unsure if her love will be returned. Evanthia sings, “Before we dive in the deep end I need to know you’ll save us,” conveying her fears of her feelings not being reciprocated as she falls deeper in love.

Evanthia’s candid songwriting pairs perfectly with the instrumental that her and producer Mark Seigel created for the track. “The Deep End” is a seamless blend of traditional country and pop music, featuring banjos, a steel string guitar, and driving acoustic guitars. The gifted singer elevates the vulnerable lyrics with her crisp, clear vocals, which convey the youthful innocence of young love. A dynamic vocal performance, Evanthia showcases her impressive range and vocal control in “The Deep End,” keeping listeners engaged in the unforgettable melodies. 

Evanthia’s official website

YouTube video for "The Deep End"... https://youtu.be/6HSn6k0Fw3I


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