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Darius Martin f/ Marisa - "Some Time" (Video)

LA-based R&B meets pop artist Darius Martin releases the new single "Some Time". Martin gives you that infectious pop rush with a silky R&B vocal for a sound that does everything. "Some Time" is no different, with lucid beats that ruminate on a romance that's just out of reach and a saccharine chorus that will leave you wanting more. Over island waves of echos and twisted harmonies, Darius Martin will put you under his wanderlust spell with lyrics that muse on longing for someone from a distance. With a verse in Spanish, and lush female vocals at the core of the track, "Some Time" draws in a vast expanse of identity. Overflowing with subconscious desire, "Some Time" brings the hidden truth to the surface. Darius Martin composes his lyrics in a constant pursuit of meaning. He finds inspiration in personal experience and uses it to compliment his body of work. His personal mission is to cover "the good, bad, and in between." Martin has received acclaim from the likes of Earmilk, Allhiphop and more.




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