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Review of “Can We Play Baseball, Mr. DeMille?”

I don’t get too many repute review children’s books but when I do I always find a good one. That certainly was the case with this one, based on the author’s childhood experiences. 

Can We Play Baseball, Mr. DeMille?” by Mark Angelo


5 of 5 stars (excellent)

Review: So many young boys dream of becoming professional athletes. In the late 1950’s, most of those dreams were about becoming Major League Baseball players. That was the case for Mark Angelo and many years later he has taken that dream and drafted a wonderful children’s book. 

With excellent drawing by Patricia and Robin DeWitt to illustrate this story, it tells of Angelo’s attempts to play ball with his friends despite the lack of adequate playing fields. Living in Los Angeles when the Dodgers move west, Mark dreams of becoming a Dodger but only the yard of his neighbor Cecil DeMille is large enough to allow playing baseball. 

How the young boy works up the courage to ask the title’s question and the eventual answer is not only a good story, but also a good lesson for adults on the importance of allowing space for children to play, whether baseball or other activities. The book is very good for readers from 6 to 10 and will not only be a good story for them, but may also bring back some childhood memories for the adults.

I wish to thank Freisen Press for providing a copy of the book  in exchange for an honest review.





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