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UMC20: This One Goes Places! (Apr. 18, 2023)

Hold it right there!

Did you know that you can support Underground Music Collective, any time of year? By making a tax-deductible donation to UMC via The Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville, you ensure that we can keep sharing songs and stories from independent creatives everywhere, for years to come. Click here to get started!

Anyway, onto this week’s edition of UMC20

Track listing
Ragan Whiteside – Thrill Ride
Nicole Zuraitis – Burn
K-Rob ft. Nick R.o.B – Slow N Sexy
Kara Frazier – Full Up
Avara – Golden
The Know – Me
Mandi Crimmins – EGOMANIAC
Mikayla Lewis – River Man (Shit Show)
Fake Dad – Fashion Girl
Freya Beer – Fantasy
Little Hurt – See You Again
The Gulps – Surrender
HNTD – Mannequin
Jonathan Plevyak – Sweet Tooth
Elijah Jones and the CCs – Carolina
Greg in Good Company – Home
Travis Feutz – Country Song to Sing
AGE of the BEAR – Rainy Days
Matt Steinfeld – Your Time



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