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Trauma Squad - Mad Evil 7" - 2023


7" - 2023 - Chopped Herring Records 

"MC's Chem and Jah, from Washington Heights (NY) formed Trauma Squad when they were hooked up with a young producer named Om'Mas Keith by Raw Breed's business manager and co-producer Ariel Caban. Caban was in high school with the rappers and later went on to work in the A&R department of RCA Records at the same time as the 16 year old Keith was interning there. Caban told me "I introduced them to Om'Mas because both had unique styles. Trauma with their off the wall eclectic style and Om' Mas with his musical genius who can play every instrument. They hit it off well right from the jump and created the demo tape." 


There was some interest prior to making their demo, from Profile and Sleeping Bag Records but nothing firm. Most of the demos weren't in great condition but 2 have been resurrected from the old demo tape for a little taster 7" of what this crew might've become. Recorded in 95, Herring presents 2 ill tracks from  this unknown group's unknown catalogue. Enjoy yo!!" - courtesy of Chopped Herring Records 

Pre-Order : Black vinyl (300 copies) / Black Label (50 copies)

source http://hiphop-thegoldenera.blogspot.com/2023/04/trauma-squad-mad-evil-7-2023.html


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