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The Morning Rant w/ Mistah Wilson: Biden, WSJ, Russia, American Citizens, & more...

You would think Joe Biden was a bad joke. But, when you realize he's actually our president, tha fall of America seems like more than just a conspiracy theory.

Only reason americans defend perversion is because they're brainwashed by eurocentric values. American women are brainwashed, too out here vying for power they've always had. 

All tha role reversals, thefts, proven lies, deliberate deceit, perversion, blasphemy, idol worshipping and yet we're expected to just focus on our mere careers. As if we're not supposed to worry about tha world we are bringing children into. As if these things shouldn't be of great concern.

Heartbreak is always but moments away. Makes it challenging to appreciate tha now when you're uncertain about tha future, haunted by your past.

My biggest question to life on Earth is, why do we fight to share a world with evil?

For anyone from any culture, that knows tha Truth of tha Gospel of Jesus Christ, would be insulted by their own traditional culture as it has been nothing but a mysterious manufacturer for Hell. Your culture was most likely influenced by rebellious patrons who sought their own will in tha world. Your seance, chant, hummings, sage, and incence burning are all demonic rituals designed to communicate with actual spiritual darkness. God would never have us worship in that way. And so, we become accursed, for worshipping dead people and false gods 'as a way of life' exactly how tha devil would have it. Your successes confirm this curse, btw. For while you may be blessed and fruitful, you are essentially given over to fleshly and material lusts. Cold vanity. I mean, are we really going to act like we're not violating God's first commandment of not having any other gods only to turn around and make a way of life out of it? Think about that!

We know this with 100% certainty if, for any reason, you refuse to believe tha devil is a real person who has tha power to affect our reality. He's not equal to God, and thru God we have tha power to overcome evil. But, by ourselves, we are nothing. We are powerless. For if pride was tha first sin, then our mere rebellious position testifies against us.

If it isn't politics that has us deceived, chances are it's our pride and ego. The New Testament's John 2:1-2 states that "truth lives in us and will be with us forever." So, what excuse do we have for willful ignorance? 

See, what happens is, tha country sets tha values, makes tha laws. People raised under these laws and values bare children who resemble tha philosophical upbringing their parents had. 

By me subscribing to absolutes and understanding there are only two ways to go, suddenly I've become able to identify a person's sincerity and motive. Suddenly, I'm able to detect and discern lies and essentially perceive into tha future tha prospective outcome of dealing with certain people.

When you have an undying thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. When you reach a point where you actually WANT to know, only then will you come to such conclusions. And as adults, we've come to understand that even though there are things that we may not like or disagree with, it's okay. It's okay to not be into everything. 

Things can't not be true just because we don't want to believe them. I mean, admittedly, sure, there are things in life I don't care to think about. Things that are pertinent, like health. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate good health. It's just hard for me to imagine anatomy and physics without cringing. That's just me. 

This is all just a bad dream. There's absolutely no way our own communities are arguing about tha right to be perverse. There's no way our government is misappropriating funds away from our cities and neighborhoods. There's no way I have to worry about shady people, prejudice police, and wacko spazzers walking thru my community. It's a straight jungle fr.

Now, we have this WSJ reporter crying hostage for being behind enemy lines during war provocations. And western media likes to regard Russia as mere thugs and has no respect for their country or people. Yet, here in America, we're introducing children to sex changes smh. Who's tha real criminal here? The one who just wants what already belonged to them, or tha other who thinks they have a right to impose themselves in other country's politics? I'm voicing this now because I do not support my country meddling in other country's livelihoods while we are freezing and starving on our own streets.

What's tha point in making money if I can't use it to truly make a difference in people's lives? To make a difference when it counts tha most. You can only make enough money to destroy yourself, but if you use it to shape tha system, you inevitably become a perceived threat. Why? Because we share a world with evil. What sense does it make that we should all disagree? What can we possibly accomplish worth raving about from being divided?

Society is anxiety.



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