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Songs You Should Hear: From Modern to Retro (and Back Again)

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Anyway, onto this week’s Songs You Should Hear…

Artist: Jasce
Song: Inside
Genre: Indie Pop
Why You Should Hear It: Jasce has a knack for delivering introspective, lo-fi vibes, and “Inside” is a shining example. The soothing soundscape is kissed with future pop elements, and features a jazz-influenced vocal about finding a home within ourselves.

“Lyrically, it’s about when you start feeling kind of crazy with repeating your day to day, and you just try something that might bring you back to yourself,” Jasce said. “‘Inside’ is about whatever that thing might be for you.”

Artist: Jonathan Plevyak
Song: Sweet Tooth
Genre: Rock & Roll
Why You Should Hear It: Because the early days of rock and roll are to be celebrated for their contributions to the music landscape, and Plevyak — who first came to us as a member of Lombardy — has been paying homage to the legends. “Sweet Tooth” captures everything carefree about the good ol’ days, while presenting itself in a way that feels fresh and modern.

Artist: Pierce Alexander ft. Coco Camp
Song: Stain
Genre: Indie Rock/Bedroom Pop
Why You Should Hear It: Don’t let the chill, lo-fi vibes fool you: this one deals with some of the most intense emotional turmoil a person can experience, fresh off the betrayal associated with infidelity.

“The song grapples with themes of infidelity, and is ultimately talking about the period of time where you’re filled with anger and can’t look at things rationally,” Alexander said. “Though you once had a close connection, even the positive memories are forever changed and now the person is nothing more than a ‘stain’ that you can’t seem to get out.”

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