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Mix : Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth 25th Anniversary Tribute Mix

"Sometimes great art is created when times are tough, and 'Moment Of Truth' is a good example.  Facing the adversity of Guru's pending court case, lost loved ones, alcoholism and in-fights, they poured that energy into their most personal & emotional album.  To come off of a 4 year hiatus and drop a 20 track classic (with no skips!!!) on top of all that is mind-blowing.   

I like how Premier's production reflected both the highs & the lows....especially the moody cuts like Moment Of Truth, Next Time, In Memory Of, and Betrayal.  I love a grimy Preemo beat as much as the next guy, but when he starts to get into his soul bag too?!?!

The sample selection on this one was crazy....trying to recreate some of his chops/flips on this mix gave me a whole new appreciation for what he did on the album.

Salute DJ Premier & Gang Starr on the milestone

RIP Guru" - courtesy of DJ Filthy Rich  

source http://hiphop-thegoldenera.blogspot.com/2023/04/mix-gang-starr-moment-of-truth-25th.html


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