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Meet Rapper "Mojo Barnes" from Seattle, Washington

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The music of Mojo Barnes rejects the separation of real life and art with mass appeal. 

This Seattle native’s passion for rawness and cadence-laced lyricism shines unapologetically across the eclectic production and styles which frame his creations. The centrality of flow and a hint of perfectionism in his writing make for a satiating listening experience as Mojo shifts effortlessly between soulful vocals and the hard-hitting bars that characterize his work. 

As an adoptee, family man, and father, depth of lyrical content is something that Barnes prizes in music. Reflective, insightful, and vulnerable, his words invite listeners on an explorative journey of themes ranging from identity, love, and more. 

The honest and adept means by which he tackles the complex and emotional questions of life- embedded in his own narrative and experience- make for highly relatable songs that leave fellow answer-seekers feeling less alone.



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