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LISTEN: Jack Vinoy Returns with ‘DIAMOND BEACH’

Accepting who you are (and who you aren’t) is a superpower, and is essential to our ability to roll with the punches.

Nashville-based producer Jack Vinoy explores that idea on “DIAMOND BEACH,” his first release as an artist since “SIGNAL” in 2021. The new cut continues the summery vibe of its predecessor, blending alt-R&B and bedroom pop sensibilities to set a laid-back tone as we continue toward warmer days.

“‘DIAMOND BEACH’ is about taking lemons and making lemonade,” Vinoy said. “It’s about doing what you can, and being patient with yourself.”

“DIAMOND BEACH” was written, recorded, and produced within 24 hours after a beatmaking session with collaborator Cam Herring opened the floodgates of creativity.

“Cam and I started making the beat for ‘DIAMOND BEACH’ in one of our first sessions together, and I remember that I specifically told him that I don’t usually write very quickly, so it might be a little bit before I sent him a track back with vocals,” Vinoy recalled. “Something about this beat clicked though, and after he left my studio that day, I sat and wrote the whole thing. By the following afternoon, I had all the vocals recorded, and it was basically finished.”

Now, it’s here for you. Take a trip to “DIAMOND BEACH” today!



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