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LISTEN: AGE of the BEAR Wows Us (Again) with ‘Waterfell’

We’ve known the incredibly talented Anthony Cubbage since our shared time in Pennsylvania, during the days of a little upstart music blog called Lehigh Valley Underground.

Life has since taken us to different locations. As you may know, we rebranded and arrived in Nashville in 2018, while Cubbage relocated to a burgeoning original music scene in upstate New York a couple years back. Through it all, one thing that has remained consistent is Cubbage’s ability to write and release compelling, emotive songs. No matter the genre, he always seems to strike gold.

He did it again this past Friday. Cubbage released a new EP, Waterfell, under his AGE of the BEAR project. The new record is a further exploration of the project’s Americana sensibility, complete with introspective storytelling that meshes with soulful melodies which draw on his experience in the R&B and pop realms.

The record includes the lead single, “Rainy Days.” Here, Cubbage shows that he has — among his numerous other talents — the songwriting chops to be a country hitmaker. This tune is a dynamic introduction to the new record, kissed with the pedal steel accents of session musician Bryan Daste.

However, perhaps the best example of Cubbage’s ability to meld genres is an alternate take on the 2020 single, “Falling from Heaven.” This time, Cubbage takes a more minimalistic approach, trading in lush, atmospheric elements for gorgeous piano and mandolin tones, adding a touch of tenderness to an already-stellar offering.

Track listing
Rainy Days
Falling from Heaven – Alternate Take
Falling from Heaven



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