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Lafayette Stokely - Such Is Life | EP @lifeofstokely

 After almost 6 years since his last solo project, South Carolina-born and Florida-raised MC Lafayette Stokely is back with a new release!

The ‘Such Is Life’ EP is fully produced by Jerrico Beats and gives listeners a glimpse into Stokely's personal world. Together they created a soundscape full of relatable experiences.

As Stokely states: “This project is a collection of songs that represent how my life is going at any given moment. The highs and the lows, the good and the bad. Either way it goes, such is life.”

Stokely has been honing his craft for years and this EP is a culmination of his soulful sound and style. With only 4 songs, each one is sure to bring something special to the table. From hard-hitting beats and clever rhymes, to thoughtful storytelling and melodic hooks, Stokely created a project that is sure to resonate with hip-hop fans everywhere. It is safe to say the rapper is back and doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. From track one to track four, ‘Such Is Life’ is sure to be in rotation by old and new fans alike. Don’t miss out and tap in!

Check out the EP below.




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