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Ultra Magnus makes slam dunk with "Kobe"

Ultra Magnus returns with his first new jam since he dropped Muziki Mzuri in summer 2019, and “Kobe” features production from Boogie Belgique, who heavily contributed to that album. Over the chill groove, Magnus opens with a high speed delivery before slowing it down for the listener’s sanity, but throughout he remains both energetic and invigorated. Littered throughout the lyrics about death, mortality and loneliness are numerous basketball references as Ultra Magnus proves he’s the rap Kobe Bryant, DJ SLAM!’s cuts further reinforcing that reality. Working to the theme, the video sees the rapper slam dunking rhymes at the basketball court in African-inspired attire while the director of the video, Taco Supreme, gives the video a hallucinogenic vibe through the use of a variety of effects. “I’m nothing like what you wanted,” raps Ultra Magnus, “but everything you need.”

Written and performed by Ultra Magnus

Produced by Boogie Belgique

Cuts by DJ SLAM!

Video directed by Taco Supreme



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