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Tasha Layton Talks Debut Book ‘Look What You’ve Done’

Tasha Layton is set to release her debut book Look What You’ve Done this Tuesday (3.21.23)! We talked to her about the book, touring with her family on the current Hits Deep Tour, progress on her next record and more!

Tasha reveals intimate stories from her incredible spiritual and musical journey and the lies that she had to confront along the way. Delivered from suicidal thoughts and catatonic depression, Tasha now walks in the joy and freedom of Jesus and inspires others to recognize God’s presence in both the highs and the lows of their life.

Growing up in rural South Carolina, Tasha never dared dream that she would travel the world singing backup on tour with Katy Perry or be on the mission field in Kenya. Throughout her experiences – no matter how far she traveled – Tasha could not escape the lies that had taken root early in her life. In her search for answers, Tasha explored other religions including mysticism and buddhism. However, no other religion offered the hope that Tasha found in the presence of Jesus: “As He breathed life back into my aching heart, it became clear to me that Jesus—not any of the other faiths I’d explored—was the one path to God that had truly transformed my life and given me hope to survive.”

Inspired by her powerful hit song of the same title, Look What You’ve Done helps readers to:

  • Discern God’s truth from the world’s lies
  • Find freedom, truth, security
  • Live as a Christian in an uncertain world
  • See God’s miracles in their life
  • Begin to embrace seasons of waiting

Tasha performs ‘Look What You’ve Done’ in the CCM Cafe:

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