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Santa Sallet (@SantaSallet) - "Just Another Tuesday" (Video)

DMV-based rapper/producer Santa Sallet presents the self-directed music video for "Just Another Tuesday", produced by Nemizzo, longtime collaborator and co-founder of Mugisha Sallet Productions (MSP). Sallet recently released visuals for "Championship Ring" (watch on Youtube) and "Chinese Funk" (watch on Youtube) in preparation for the release of Plutography, Sallet's forthcoming album which blends salsa beats, southern trap, and eastern jazz with classic and conventional rap samples, reflecting Sallet's international upbringing across South Africa, Dominica and the US. Sallet is planning a series of full-length releases, among them C.R.E.A.M. which recounts his journey from broke to financially free, and Women and R.A.P. which describe his pursuit of success in relationships and the music industry respectively. Santa says "Just Another Tuesday" is about "a white car. I'll never forget, I was driving home from work one day when Nemizzo called me to play me some beats. We freestyling through back-to-back beats when he played this beat called '$crapes'. I start freestyling and something ‘bout how I'm driving and how 'I whip that white (white, white, white, white)'. I was vibing with it so hard that as soon as I got home, I put pen to paper before my genius could escape me. It was Just Another Tuesday for MSP." "Just Another Tuesday" is out now on MSP Records. Check out Santa Sallet merch here.




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