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LISTEN: On ‘Blood in my i’s,’ The Frst Goes Wherever the Journey Leads

Sometimes, it’s best not to second guess, and go where your first creative impulse takes you.

That’s what The Frst did on “Blood in my i’s,” a new single which combines alternative metal and industrial elements with a sludgy, psychedelic sensibility. Each instrument — as well as the lyrics — was improvised and recorded in a single take, drawing influence from across artistic mediums.

“(Everything was) improvised and recorded in a single take… to keep the song as pure and raw as possible without any adjusting, second guessing, or self-editing,” The Frst said. ‘Stream of consciousness’ was the goal, inspired by impressionist painters who had to paint quickly to capture their source before the lighting changed.”

The single’s “fast and furious action movie” vibe conceals a positive message about overcoming life’s challenges, giving the listener another reason to pay close attention to this multi-faceted new release. Check it out, and if you’re in Nashville, head to The Cobra on April 7 to hear The Frst perform it live!



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