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Introducing the Concept of Candy Pickles to the World


Entrepreneurs are people who establish new businesses by developing and implementing unique ideas. They take risks to create and manage profitable businesses by utilizing limited resources. Entrepreneurship typically starts with an idea or concept for a product or service that motivates an individual to transform that idea into a profitable business. 

However, many businesses fail during the initial stages because entrepreneurs cannot go through with their ideas or lack the skills, expertise, and experience to take a company to new heights. Innovation is also essential for successful entrepreneurship because new products and innovations are necessary for a successful business. Entrepreneurs develop and run businesses with limited resources while fulfilling market demands and customer needs. 

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The most successful entrepreneurs create and develop customer needs and market demands rather than fulfilling them by creating unique products and services. However, not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship because it involves developing new ideas while taking significant risks to maximize profits. Creating a business from scratch and taking it to new heights of revenues and profits involves leadership, confidence, innovation, and communication. Successful entrepreneurs develop novel ideas and transform those ideas into profitable businesses. Heather Perkins is an entrepreneur who developed a novel idea for candy pickles and transformed it into a business selling over 250 flavors of candy pickles.

Heather Jornay Perkins established the Delicious Candy Pickles Factory in 2015 to offer candy pickles to people and pursue her passion for creating new flavors. Since childhood, Perkins had a knack for developing and creating new flavors by mixing different Kool-Aid flavors. The interest evolved into a passion for developing new flavors or food items by mixing various ingredients. Perkins eventually realized her dream and passion through the Delicious Candy Pickles Factor. She delved into candied pickles to capitalize on the popularity of chamoy pickles in Texas. The chamoy pickle popularity in Texas inspired Perkins to create something new by combining pickles with candies.

Heather Perkins took inspiration from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to establish a small candy house in the apartment complex where she lived with her family in 2014. The candy house received recognition from the local community due to Perkins's unique flavors and ingredient combinations. However, Perkins took a break from the candy shop and completed her tax studies before working as a tax entrepreneur for a short while. Heather Perkins resumed her passion for candy pickles by establishing the Delicious Candy Pickles Factory in a new spacious location in DeSoto, Texas, in 2015. She also took the candy pickle concept to the Texas State Fair and won first place for her unique creation. 

The Delicious Candy Pickle Factory grew and started offering customers over 250 unique candy pickle flavors. The unique company offers candy pickles to customers through the in-store and online sales model to customers across the United States. The Delicious Candy Pickle Factory sells numerous candy pickle flavors following Heather Perkin’s passion for mixing various ingredients. The company sells candy pickles in regular, spicy, drink, candy, and dessert flavors. The regular flavors include Tropical Punch, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Mixed Berry, Black Cherry, Berry Cherry, Jamaica, Grape, Strawberry Kiwi, and Sharkleberry Fin. The candy flavors include Green Apple Jolly Rancher, Watermelon Jolly Rancher, Gummy Bear, Lemon Head, Cherryhead, Skittles, Mango Lucas Candy, Cherry Now Laters, Blow Pop, Watermelon Now Laters, Starburst, and Sour Patch.

The Delicious Candy Pickles Factory offers several unique flavors to introduce people to new flavor combinations of candy pickles. The Jamaican Drip, Strawberry Cheesecake, Candy Apple, Blue Cotton Candy, Chamoy Chamoy, Rainbow Brite, Grape Now Laters, Grapehead, Applehead, Cherryhead, Green Apple, Watermelon Vodka, Holiday Mojito, and Watermelon Twist are also some prominent and unique flavors offered by the company. Heather Perkins developed the Delicious Candy Pickles Factory by transforming her passion for mixing Kool-Aid flavors into a profitable business. She also named one of her candy pickle flavors Kool-Aid to reflect her passion for creating new and unique products. Perkins tested her abilities and customer response by initially opening a small candy house and selling limited candy pickle flavors. However, the positive response and revenues influenced her to establish a full-scale business focusing on selling over 250 candy pickle flavors under one roof. Heather Perkins and the Delicious Candy Pickles Factory introduced the unique concept of candy pickles to the world while offering numerous flavors according to people’s tastes and preferences.

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