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7 Ways You Can Work Out Amidst Busy Schedule

Xclusive Gospel.
7 Ways You Can Work Out Amidst Busy Schedule

Keeping up with workout plans can be very challenging . Perhaps you might consider this a justifiable reason for procrastinating when it comes to body exercise goals. However, as the saying goes, “excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure”. Like Marcus Stroup also said , ” There aren’t nearly enough crutches in the world for all the lame excuses.”

Yes we know how though it can be, sticking to a workout routine, while dealing with work, business and family. This is why we
Have suggest a list of some realistic and easily achievable workout routines to help keep you in top shape.

1. Hide a Dumbbell under your desk.

A Dumbbell is one of the tools you can use while sitting on your chair and reading an email on your computer screen. Yes you can build your muscles quietly without constituting a nuisance or taking up space at your place of work. This gives you some room to multi-task for a few minutes.

2. Take 8,000 to 10,000 Steps Daily.

There are several creative ways to achieve this. You can choose to hike a certain distance to and from work, before boarding a cab. Also opt to take the staircase instead of the elevator. Brisk-walk in the office if you have to move around to get things. Take a walk for fresh air around the parking lot during break time. Keep contributing to this daily step goal whenever you can create an opportunity. Did you know that for adults below age Sixty, 8000 steps daily reduces the risk of premature death.

3. Break Down Long Workout Sessions Into Brief Sets.

Lengthy and strenuous routines can be broken into 5 or 10mins before work or before bedtime. Some fitness coaches advise on this pattern as a more effective way of engaging muscle memory. Short and frequent exercises are easier and more effective than long irregular workout hours . However, consistency is the key.

4. Skip Ropes, Not Meals.

For those who would want to expend more energy for quicker results, always keep a skipping rope handy. You can skip and expend energy even while brainstorming or memorising if you can find the space at your work place. This can be done on a spot. Just pick a fair number of skips to cover. Remember to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

5. Jogging on a spot.

By this you do not have to go around and be seen, just in case you are worried about the awkwardness of working out in an unlikely place. All you need to do is set a time span goal or a number of steps to take on the spot. Jogging on the spot is equally as effective. Motion is all that matters.

6. Choose Active Leisure Activities.

During weekends and holidays, take a leisure walk in the park with your family and friends. Swim, play Tennis, football or any kind of active hobby you might consider remotely interesting to you.

7. Dance.

Dancing at home or even in the office is a good way to have fun while keeping fit. You can do fitness choreography, or even learn a new trending dance step. These options are accessible on phones and on TV screens. Get a dance partner or join a dance group. You do not necessary have to go out of your home or office to get a dance. As a bonus, dancing would give you some mood boost and extra muscle coordination ability. let’s not even talk about the feel-good endorphins your brain gets to produce. Dance and watch your creativity levels rise.


Feel free to also add your own tips to this list as workout options are limitless. Remember the scripture affirms that bodily exercise or physical training holds value. (1 Tim 4:8 ) NIV. God wishes that we prosper and be in health whilst our souls do the same, so no more excuses.

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