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UMC20: It’s a New Year, Yes It Is! (Jan. 3, 2023)

Welcome to 2023! We’re glad you’re here.

We’re also glad to see that the independent artists of Earth have been busy, even through the holidays, by sending us loads of new music to greet us upon our return to Nashville. We start 2023 the same way we’ve persisted in prior years; by having no shortage of musical flavors to present to you all.

We’ll be here with a fresh compilation every Tuesday. Here’s the first of many!

Track listing
Keith Evan Gay – Only One Dawg in this Fight
Mikki Zip – Holding Hands
Matt Steinfeld – Your Time
Dan Kenworthy – Tennessee Man
Jake Swamp and the Pine – Don’t Be Afraid of Sundays
Redline Zero – Yellow Case
Struggle Jennings – Drinking Alone
Chris Walton – Soon
Sindy Hoxha – feeling blue
Stalking Gia – Happy Birthday!
August Gonzalez – TRIPPIN
Solo Solo – Sudden Sea
Jasce – Slip
KJ Wild – self sabotage
IOTA – Sometimes
Halfway Atlantic – Where’s The Sun Cause I Can’t See It
BOURGEOIS – A Swell Life
Fyre Byrd – Happy Thoughts
Sleep Nation – Get Out
Anastasia Elliot – Crash Landing



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