The Morning Rant w/ Mistah Wilson (1.16.23): TikTok, Joe Biden, European Jews, & more...

We don't upload to TikTok because it takes too long and they force you to watch meaningless content while you wait for tha upload.

Besides, these algorithms change too much. How did we ever get away from posting to our followers and our followers seeing it? Instead, these platforms throw everything else in our faces that only helps distract us from what we are actually trying to do.

TikTok, in particular, has too many confusing tabs. You can only monitor your upload when you are on a particular tab which kind of forces you to be exposed to content you essentially didn't come to see. But, we know these platforms are geared to stimulate engagement and increased time spent. But, for certain creators like myself, efficiency is a much higher priority for us.

Now, if I had to choose, I would say YouTube and Facebook have tha most efficient upload speeds and processes. Perhaps an argument can be made for Twitter as well. But, Instagram and TikTok, in particular, have some type of lag during tha upload process. And when you're a content creator like me who has a seemingly endless supply of content backed up, you just don't have time to play with all these platforms. 

And good for TikTok. I'm sure they prefer to have users that prioritize their platform altogether. Another reason we don't care to upload much content to TikTok is because tha nature of content on tha platform is more geared towards silly dances and other forms of mindless entertainment. It's a platform for content junkies. I don't pull up TikTok to peep tha latest clips of artist interviews, narratives, or news. I don't open tha TikTok app when I want to know what tha word on tha street is. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are much more reliable for consuming videos that are more relevant to me. 

And I have no doubts that many sophisticated content creators utilize TikTok. I'm sure there are channels on their platform with a wealth of information. But, that's just not what I know tha app for. Honestly, I've had enough of this app and I haven't even heavily used it. Can't even watch any YouTube video today without a TikTok ad using silly ass videos to encourage me to download and use tha app. It's harassment, really. Cold part about it is you can't even report tha ads as harassment or if you liked it or not. As long as tha advertiser pays, Google is going to show them to you with no recourse for tha consumer. Just a tiny price to pay for free content, I guess.

Now, let's get on Joe Biden's helmet real quick. How in tha world is he tha first sitting president to give speak at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta? It's a slap in tha face for our president to cosign homosexuality for tha nation then have Black people accommodate him to speak in tha church to honor Dr. King. I don't see any campaigns to reunite children with their fathers but you want to mislead American citizens and black people to live unnatural tha name of capitalism? Because to go against homo lifestyles is an inconvenient narrative when we all know it's tha europeans themselves who influence society, culture, and law. And we are all expected to just take it for business as usual. Nothing to think about here.

Let me make myself abundantly clear, we do not like Joe Biden. I do not like Joe Biden. Like a lot of women hosting Men's pro sport shows, we don't need it just like we don't need an 80yr old president who's an incoherent speaker that doesn't speak for all of us. The only reason he's president is because as a Democrat, he is easier for tha eurocentric world to control and work with. Democrats are essentially with tha agenda of assimilation. The people behind tha democrats are tha same people who lie to tha world about europeans being Jewish. There are only two ways to be a part of Israel. One, if you actually come from tha House of Jacob or two, you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior. It's his salvation that unites us with tha Father. Europeans need to understand AND accept that being jewish is not something you "choose" to be. And there is nothing more insulting than to hear european commentary of their so-called jewish heritage. But, they, as pagans, come from tha land of tha gentiles. How can you be a Jew if you denounce tha very thing it means to be a Jew? 

Any european Jew who subscribes to judaism to explain his Semitic heritage is either a bold face liar or simply confused. These are tha very lies used against us that reinforces this notion of white supremacy. And tha answer is not to replicate what tha europeans built for themselves, otherwise that would make us pagan as they are. The answer is to humble ourselves, embrace thirst for truth, and return to tha Father. Any plan for black people that does not involve tha God of tha Bible is ultimately rendered a cult. And tha reason there is nowhere around this is because we must understand that there is one truth to come to. And that IS Jesus Christ. 

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