Sunday Replay: Intuition, Vulnerability, and Time-Bound Goals

The Quinn Spinn train keeps a-rollin’ into Year 10: Overdrive… even if we do take the show off the rails from time to time.

As our 2023 guest lineup continues to take shape, we still have plenty of conversations to revisit from past episodes, to help you navigate life and business in the creative space.

If that sounds good to you — and you want even more — here’s where to find it!

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Intrinsically, we all know what’s right for us, versus what is not. In this clip with Lauren Gomance of SoulFit Counseling, we discuss how to trust our intuition versus reverting to people-pleasing behaviors.

Part of SMART goal setting is making sure your goals are time-bound (i.e.; they have deadlines). Let’s break down why that’s important!

“There is no person on Earth with perfect mental health.”

The Quinn and JD break down the stigma behind being transparent about one’s mental health — and how openness benefits society by creating dialogue.

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