Quavo | WITHOUT YOU | Rating & Review by Mistah Wilson

Ok, now I gotta be honest here. This is probably tha first official time I actually checked for music by Migos. Personally, I can offer more than a few reasons as to why I feel their type of music isn't healthy for one's consciousness. Especially when NBA basketball player Lonzo Ball came out and said Migos was real Hip Hop over tha likes of Nas, that just made me not like Migos more when I thought I couldn't care less already. But, I'm singing a different tune this time around.

Still not a major fan, but this song here, it isn't bad. The game losing Takeoff has somewhat opened me up to at least hearing the Migos out. I was kind of expecting an actual video with cuts and things. But, clearly this song is about losing a loved one. A person tha world knew and appreciated. And, I just gotta make sure I give my respects where due. 

I feel Quavo's lyrics in this song as it's never a good feeling when we lose someone close to us. I feel his pain in this song and perhaps it was only right to do it. Takeoff leaves us, and all of a sudden tha other members of Migos become more identifiable. I always say we are fueled by adversity, and perhaps making this song helps Quavo and Migos fan cope with the loss of Takeoff. Life is a process, we live thru tha pain and express is thru this medium we call music. 

Clearly, this song, along with virtually their entire catalog, is not about tha lyrical prowess. I thought tha little "Ray J ONE WISH" twist toward tha ending was a relatable touch. For me, this song here has a low replay value, but tha nearly 10 million views this song got in a 7-day period says otherwise. And, I'm not mad at that. Shout out to everyone who relates to this song out of their love for Takeoff. 

Rating 5.7

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